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Like a homeless

There was a time when i felt like i belong to somewhere place

where i feel save and joy

where i could laugh to my heart extend

where i know that i had so many friends

in joyful or in sorrow

a place that i feel love and be loved

a place that i go back to after every stressful day

and relieve my stress and cheer up my night

a place that i could say home.


But now,

everything change

no more thing that make me laugh

no more thing that make me joy

everybody just gone, change

they say that i changed, in fact they also change, but they don’t realise

it’s not a place that i turn to when i have a stressful day anymore

it become a place that make me feel even more saddened

and i could no more feel any love around

that it’s not like my home anymore


where is my home?

where is the place that i belong?

is it still here?

is it not here anymore?

is it already the time to look for a new home?

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